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Welcome to my little corner in this world. My ramblings on a little bit of everything. life, death, health, grief and healing, community events, love and romance..or sometimes more accurately, the lack of it in my life , co-parenting for the 2nd time around, my addiction to trash tv and music, mental health….I talk about it all, sometimes all of it within a matter of a few minutes, if my insomnia has gone on too long and I’m loopy. I’m a Mom, a longtime community advocate and activist. A DV Survivor, A POMC ( Parent of A Murdered Child) and Nana to 2 disabled toddlers. Introducing the Lisa Chronicles aka ME. If I can figure out HOW to do it…I plan to shift about 16 years of my blog over onto this blog, because it sure would be nice to just have 1 common destination, huh?


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Its Only Been A Year

Oh my goodness, how long HAS it been since I wrote? I know its been entirely too long. I could sit here and come up with some incredibly exciting things that I have been doing for the last year; but it truly wasn’t that exciting. I was sick. A LOT. Like, began 2021 on a…

PSA Domestic Violence/The Network LaRed Hotline Information

Summary The National Domestic Violence Hotline number is 1-800-799-SAFE ( 7233)   www.thehotline.org and The Network LaRed is a Domestic Violence Organization for the LGBTQ+ sm/kink and polyamorous communities. Their number is 1-800-832-1901  www.tnlr.org TNLR provides services such as support groups, a housing pathways program for survivors, individual support, resources and accompaniment to places such as…

Talking About Some People and Thangsss

Summary Please turn your audio up…I was testing a new mic and it did not pass the test, lol This episode was talking about events coming up, and businesses and people that I love to support.  Here are a few links http://www.csavagehandmade.com  or facebook.com/csavagehandmade  for beautiful, handmade jewelry and crochet items.  Is currently spotlighting a…

The Host

Lisa Robinson

A mother, grandmother, blogger and podcaster, Lisa hopes to use her voice and platforms as a vessel to speak out about issues that affect our communities. In particular, Lisa focuses on issues on trauma, mental health, healing, domestic violence, children with special needs and sexual assault.

After the murder of her 23 year old daughter Aja Dawn in 2014, Lisa founded Angels For Aja. Lisa is committed to bringing domestic violence awareness to the community via her blog, this podcast, and community engagement through local events, fundraisers, media events and by doing volunteer work and donations in Aja’s name.

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